Terry Said...

A 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford at the hands of Manchester United on Sunday curtailed a strong end to the season.
Yet despite a late tilt at the title, three defeats at the hands of United in Europe and in the league ended all hopes of a trophy this season, a result that may cost manager Carlo Ancelotti his job.
A disappointed Terry made of point of congratulating Sir Alex Ferguson after the game on Sunday, despite admitting that it hurt to do so.
"I just wished him well. You have to be graceful in defeat and we have thoroughly enjoyed the times we have won," he told Chelsea TV.
"Over the years, he has popped in and said congratulations to us and he and his team are well respected across the world.
"But it does hurt when you do it, and it drives you on as well.
"You get a focus for next year and we will be aiming to take it off them."
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